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Bomb hair is more than likely always “goals”, but not always easy to achieve. Life takes over, you get busy and your hair is typically the one thing that gets thrown to the wayside. But even still, you absolutely must get that hair in order. Although time isn’t always on your side, there has to be something that you can do with your hair to compliment your look, besides throw on a cute hat. There is, and that would be the half up, half down top knot!!

The Top Knot is a quick, yet chic look. This look can be worn for any occasion, be it a high-profile gala or paired with jogging pants and tennis shoes (sneakers). No matter the occasion, the top knot is sure to be a winner. Whether you’re looking for more of a classic look with a sleek top knot, or a little edge with a messy top knot; both looks can be achieved in a matter of minutes. Below we’ve compiled a few images of some of our beautiful HAU Babes rocking our hair with their half up, half down top knots and a little extra pizazz.


The convenience of the top knot is limitless, as it allows room to put your own personal touch to it. That’s exactly what this beauty opted to have done with this style. She’s wearing our 24” Indian Wavy Full Lace Wig, spicing up her look with these bomb stylish cornrows. The stylist did her thing, this install is flawless; but rest assured you don’t have to be a stylist to recreate this look. You can do either 3 big twist or cornrows, and they don’t have to be perfect to look great! Trust me, it’s easier than it looks, you got this!



  Now, like all of the HAU Babes listed, if you can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down, why not just do both?! We are loving the direction this doll took with her half up, half down ensemble. This polished and feminine, half-up style combines the best of both worlds. As you can enjoy the polished vibe of an updo and the sexy look of hair flowing down your back at the same time. Did we mention that her attire of choice, most definitely just took things up a notch?! This entire look is everything!



When it’s a simple look, but exudes so much beauty! We are loving how this HAU Babe pulled back more of her hair into a top knot revealing her face, allowing her beautiful features to magnify, while the loose hair on the bottom adds definition. The soft curls, along with her choice of make up; particularly the pink lip, really brings this look together! She put her natural hair in a ponytail, wrapped it in a top knot, and then wrapped a wefted bundle around her hair and into a top knot. This look is simple and easy to achieve, but looks so bomb.


YES to this unicorn number!! Two top knots, with the baby hairs and wavy tresses!! The versatility of our wigs, gave this babe the option to change up her look and add a creative touch to it. Its one of those fun and easy going looks. Again, this may look difficult to achieve, but its not. You’re literally parting the top half of  your hair down the middle, putting each section in a ponytail, wrapping your natural hair into a small knot, while wrapping the wefted bundle around and then into a knot. Lastly, put a few curls throughout the hair in the back to add a little more cuteness; and there you have it.



Blending the undone / lazy Sunday look, this cute and messy top knot seems to only be the perfect look for a day walking around the city or heading to the beach. That’s not the case, if  paired with the right attire and accessories, you can take this look from the beach straight to the red carpet. This babe is rocking our Russian Blonde that she had toned to a softer blonde.




So this doll decided to go big, rocking these grand textured curls. The curls make a statement all of their own, but with the addition of a top knot, this HAU Babe takes her big hair style to new heights, and you can too. Not to mention that natural voluminous bounce that curly hair styles offer. So put away the flat iron and fall in love with some curly tresses with a top knot.

Click Here to check out some of the different textures you can try these styles with. The looks can be achieved with bundles, wigs or clip’ins! You can Shop Online or in one of our 2 stores located in Miami or Los Angeles.

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