Proper Maintenance

Proper Maintenance for Hair Extensions

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Maintaining your hair extensions is just as important as selecting the proper extensions. Most of the time, before our consumers make their hair extensions purchase, they typically ask an array of questions such as: (i.e, what texture it is, the quality, the price, are there any bundles deals, how long the hair will last etc.) but we have found that it’s rare that they inquire about maintaining the hair. Maintenance is key to long lasting Hair Extensions! We will provide you with the top 8 tips for the best hair care tricks for maintaining your weave.

Understanding how important proper maintenance is Key

At Hair Are Us one of our main goals after great customer service is being able to educate our customers on hair care, we give a thorough rundown as to the products we recommend to care for the extensions, what they should avoid, as well as steps and techniques that will afford them the luxury of having longevity with their hair. Ultimately, we want you to protect your investment, because let’s be real; extensions aren’t cheap.

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Top 8 Tips for Proper Maintenance

So with that being said, here are a few things that you can do to properly maintain your hair extensions and get your full wear out of them.

1. Before installing, shampoo and condition (or just condition) your extensions

2. Seal your wefts (While hair is dry)

3. Have your stylist (or yourself) sew around your weft (not through the weft) when installing

4. Avoid products with sulfate

5. Shampoo & condition your hair every few weeks to remove any product build up (this will revert it back to its original bounce and softness)

• 5A. With curly extensions, condition and moisturize hair daily to maintain and manage your curls.

6. If colored, we recommend having it colored by a expert colorist to prevent it from being over processed.

7. If colored, deep condition it weekly

8. Apply heat protectant before using heat (flat irons, curling wands, blow dryer etc) Be sure you check our blog weekly; as in the coming weeks, we will speak to each topic more in-depth. Hope to see you back here soon!!


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  1. Thanks for pointing out that hair products with sulfate should be avoided on your hair extensions, and you can shampoo and condition them to maintain their softness. My sister and I are both interested in hair extensions. We want to make sure that our hair extensions will look like real hair for a long time. Additionally, we are not a fan of oily hair due to dirt, so we’ll do all your tips.

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