Malaysian Straight Lace Closure 4x4

Malaysian Straight Closure (4×4)

(7 customer reviews)



Malaysian Straight Closure (Reinforced 4×4) IS 2.5.0Z

(Lace Base) meaning the base of the closure is made of a thin lace fabric to insure a natural seamless look once installed.

(Silk Base) meaning the base of the closure is made of a thin silk fabric to insure a natural seamless look once installed.

(Free Style Parting) meaning you’re able to have versatile parting for you’re styling preference. When using a closure, it’s considered to give your weave a more flatter and seamless appearance when sewed or glued around the reinforced perimeter. However, If the knots are too dark at the root of the base then the unit will not look as realistic. Bleaching the knots is recommended to give a more realistic look, the objective is for the hair to appear as if it is growing from your scalp. Please consult with a professional weaving/colorist stylist before installing or using ANY chemicals.


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Weight 3.0 oz
Select Closure Size

12", 16", 20"

Select Closure Style

Lace, Silk

7 reviews for Malaysian Straight Closure (4×4)

  1. Analisa

    This closure is so silky straight!!! It’s perfect.

  2. Tameka

    This was my first time wearing a closure and I must say I am sooo impressed. It lays so flat and looks very natural!

  3. Christina Torres

    I had to write a review on this closure. Literally the most natural looking closure I’ve used. It laid so flat and had pretty realistic “baby hair” as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

  4. Iesha Ortiz

    I loooooove this closure!! Literally used it 3 times and was amazing!! I even went on vacation with it and had no problems!

  5. Raina Lopes

    My closure is so good. This is my 2nd install with it and we dyed it blonde… I was scared the texture would change or the lace would be destroyed, but nope!! I still look flawless. thank you

  6. Jessica Williams

    I would definitely recommend this closure to anyone who hasn’t tried one before. Straight hair is easiest to manage and on a closure it will help you get use to it faster.

  7. Candice

    These closure looks bomb when installed. I love it.

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