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NEW HUE, NEW YOU | Gorgeous Bold Hair Colors

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“Gorgeous Bold Hair Colors”


Vibrant, bold and pastel hair colors have been the go to for so many women lately! We aren’t sure where this trend began, but whatever the case, we are certainly loving it and highly recommend it. Therefore, as a result of our love for this movement, we’ve put together 5 of the hottest hair color trends for the year; some are more on the subtle side if you are looking for a natural color, while others are loud and sure to capture eyes!  Start off your fall with a fresh, new do by trying out one of the trends below using mostly our Russian Blonde Hair Extensions. It is official bold hair colors are in!



Ginger Color Hair

Let’s start off with this GORGEOUS Ginger hue. Any color in the Copper family is always a winner, and this season the spicy shade gets a sophisticated upgrade with a Beautiful Ginger pop! Ginger is a bold option that works best with warm skin tones. This vivacious color is beautiful and you are sure to make a statement! This Beauty is wearing our Russian Blonde that she had custom colored.


Rose Gold Color Hair

Moving right along, lets get into this Rose Gold hair. First of all, this Hue is right in every capacity, and we are definitely here for it. This color has been making a lot of the noise, and we believe we know why. Perhaps it’s the pink tinted hue that looks great on blonde and brown hair, or maybe its because this color when done right, can flow with any skin tone. The Beauty is that you can rock all over color, highlights or just dye the ends of your hair, either way with the perfect tone your look will be on 100. Its all about the proper toning. This Doll used our Russian Blonde and had it custom colored.



Teal Green Color Hair

Now about this vivid teal, it is absolutely everything! Yes, this color is most definitely an extremely bold choice, but that is exactly why we love it! If you are feeling daring, we say go for it sis!!! This Hair Are Us Babe used our Russian Blonde wefted bundles and frontal and her stylist colored it to perfection.



Two toned ombre hair is a clear-cut combo of two colors, with typically darker natural roots and lighter bleached ends. These curls give it even more life!! If you’re not ready to jump out there with an overly bold rainbow hue; we say go with the ombre. It’s perfect for fall when you are tired of all the bright summer hues and want something to new to transition with the seasons. To achieve this look this Babe used our Brazilian Curly Wefted bundles.


Gray Hair Color

If you have gray hair naturally, flaunt that ish sis; now is your time! Women are actually opting to dye their hair Gray, the people are loving it, they are obsessed with the way it hits!! We do recommend you keep it clean, shiny and ensure your gray looks radiant, don’t let it get dull! This Beauty wore our Russian Blonde and had it custom colored.


So Babes, we have started the process for you, but there are so many trends out there right now it’s almost impossible to decide which way to go! However, we are anxious to know which hair color trend is your fav and the one you are planning to give a try. Let us know in the comments below babes!

Share this and help a friend SLAY!

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