Human Hair Extensions Approved

Tresses products were designed by the creators of Hair Are Us. They realized it was a necessity to develop haircare products that will not only hydrate and nourishes ones natural hair but also help individuals maintain luster, shine and manageability in within their human hair extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Absolutely! These products were formulated to restore and treat all hair types. Including 100% human hair extension, natural hair & chemically treated Hair.

Yes. It’s actually the perfect conditioner to use for co-washing. It will revitalize your hair and lock in moisture with out weighing it down.

After you have cleaned and towel dried your hair, apply a nickel to quarter size amount of the anti frizz leave in conditioner throughout the hair from root to ends. Then apply a dime size of the Argan Serum to seal in the moisture. Scrunch hair in a upward motion and allow hair to air dry. For more define curls/waves apply the Curling Creme in lieu of The leave-in conditioner.

Usually, dull and dry hair means that your hair is lacking moisture. Therefore, we advise to shampoo with our Moisture infused shampoo & conditioner as well as using the Argan Serum to seal in the moisture, hydrate and instantly add shine to your hair cuticles.

Not at all. All the ingredients used to formulate each product was infused with lightweight oils that will penetrate the hair cuticles. These ingredients will absorbed rather than sit on top of the hair shaft which causes the hair to be weighed down.